Lisle-sur-Tarn. Aglaé’s curve ready for the end of the year

It is now a year and a half since Claire Fraux, Lisloise, launched “Les Paniers d’Aglaé”.

With this assortment ever closer to producers, local farmers, and at the same time listening to consumer expectations, it has clearly dusted off the codes of gift baskets.

Claire goes to meet the farmers and discuss their production methods to guarantee top class products with an honor to taste all the products and thus make sure to please the customer.

A philosopher of his time said, “To foresee is already to act not to suffer.” A maxim already adopted by Paniers d’Aglaé, because Claire has already prepared Christmas baskets and other company gifts for the end of the year.

No less than six different formulas are available to you. There is the wine box including Gaillac from Domaine Brin, “tastinables coup de coeur” with, among other things, 100% duck rillettes, ginger olive confit or Provencal guacamole. There is also the selection of Mrs Claus with a chestnut cream to pass on the chestnut. Among the other boxes and products there is summer hay confit jelly, foie gras, homemade jam. The boxes are prepared in wooden boxes, shipments throughout France with the possibility to personalize the gifts with small words and always the explanatory booklets of the products.

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