Like every year, Elon Musk announces that the Tesla will be autonomous “from next year”

During a trip to Brazil, Elon Musk told reporters that Tesla would produce self-driving cars without the need for driver supervision starting next year.

Elon Musk is used to sensational announcements generally relating to unrealizable projects such as, for example, the resolution in the near future of a problem for which no one has found the solution for decades. And, against all odds and despite the ironic reactions tinged with eyes in the sky, he very often respects his promises.

However, there are some notable exceptions such as the production launch dates of a new vehicle, but above all the arrival in series of 100% autonomous driving systems. With metronome regularity, the Tesla boss is wrong every year in these predictions, as shown in this video found by Electrek compiling his similar statements since 2014 (and of which we will not share the violence of the conclusion of course).

And it happened again in 2022, this time during a trip by the boss of Tesla to Brazil to launch a partnership with the local government to connect certain remote regions of the Amazon to the Starlink network. Responding to questions from reporters, Elon Musk therefore announced again that Tesla would have autonomous cars in its range that do not require anyone at the wheel or even in the cabin within a year, so May 2023.

The famous million robotaxis in circulation at the end of 2020

One of his most memorable statements on the subject was in 2019, predicting the arrival of a million robotaxis by the end of 2020 before it would be transformed into a million vehicles with the FSD Beta driving assistance system. Two completely different claims since the FSD Beta requires a driver behind the wheel ready to regain control at any time and bearing legal responsibility in the event of an accident, which sadly echoes the recently announced lawsuit following a fatal accident.

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