les-Mines – Le Creusot. Doctors, nurses and physiotherapists: ready to work together

Find a general practitioner when you have just arrived, organize a discharge from the hospital to avoid readmission, simplify the scheduling of heart failure follow-up. These are the examples of answers that the new Professional Territorial Health Community (CPTS) wants to give the population. The structure that adheres to the Creusot-Montceau Urban Community (CUCM) and its 92,000 inhabitants was born on Tuesday in Montceau-les-Mines.

Giving an answer “to a decaying health situation”

According to its president, Doctor Morin de Finfe, the structure will make it possible to provide a response “to a decaying health situation with, in addition, a terrible exhaustion of health workers, at all levels”.

This answer requires a dialogue between the different professionals and a new habit to adopt: working together. “Today we don’t communicate enough, everyone works in their own corner. We have to invent solutions to work together,” insists the chairman of the structure, which already has 51 members of general practitioners (doctors, physiotherapists, pharmacists, nurses).

Prevention and attractiveness

The missions will be several: they involve a greater effort on prevention thanks to better means, work on improving the attractiveness of the territory and, of course, much better patient care.

“In the other areas where it has been implemented, it works!” states the director of ARS. We will not create more therapists, but we will increase the doctor’s time, free up time for the nursing staff. This freeing up time implies a reduction in administrative tasks, which is taken over by a coordinator, who must be responsible for finding solutions and contacting the various professionals to, for example, ensure complex medical follow-up after admission.

Soon dentists and other professionals?

This process, the first in Saône-et-Loire, has only just begun. Gradually it will increase in power and include other professionals “like dentists”, Dr. Morin calls for. A president who wants regular reports to be made to the funders which are ARS and health insurance to show the progress in different sectors. “In February we had 11 members. Today we are 51. This is a very positive first sign. »

CONTACT. The CPTS Center Saône-et-Loire is based in Montchanin. We can reach him by phone (06 16 02 48 37) or by e-mail cptscucm@gmial.com

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