Léa Salamé and Christophe Dechavanne ready to “end badly”? Their astrological signs come with surprising revelations

It’s a duo that has the ability to get people talking. This Saturday, September 24 at Leah Salame returns to occupy the Saturday night box on France 2, but this time Laurent Ruquier will no longer be there. If the departure of the famous animator long grabbed the headlines in the press, behind the scenes of the relationship between him and Léa Salamé, which was the object of all attention, it is now another duo that captures. When the journalist takes his first steps inside What an era!this Saturday she will be accompanied there in particular by Christophe Dechavanne, which is making its big comeback on the small screen. But while the two are promoting the show, especially on the set of Do not touch My TV on September 22nd, sharing jokes and knowing smiles, some are already imagining the war soon to be declared between them. What does their astrological sign say?

I am already telling Léa Salamé that she must be eaten“, Matthieu Delormeau had declared TPMP people last September 10, even predicted that they would “to hate oneself“Well, the astrological signs of the companion of Raphaël Glucksmann and the former headliner of TF1 do not really contradict the statements of the columnist of Cyril Hanouna. Native of Scorpio, Léa Salamé actually has little compatibility with humans Aquariussun sign on Christophe Dechavanne. Friendship is unlikely between them. “They can never be good friends: they have nothing in common and are poles apart.“, writing SHE. Aquarius is shrewd and clever and easily compromises with his conscience, while Scorpio is naive, superficial but straightforward as gold. Even worse, “thetheir affair would end badly sooner or later“, we learn. In this combination, the chances of success are actually very low, while the risks of drama are numerous. Will it end badly for Léa Salamé and her new sidekick?

Had the stars aligned between Léa Salamé and Laurent Ruquier?

What did the stars predict about the relationship between Léa Salamé and Laurent Ruquier? Both water signs, the famous animator ofWe are not in bed being Pisces, they can understand each other on many points and both show a strong sensitivity. However, no intimate friendship on the horizon for this duo. Their respective natures will be a source of friction and arguments if they get too close to each other. Especially because of the very conforming side of Scorpio compared to a Pisces native who likes to live without rules. If the 42-year-old journalist assures that there are no problems between them, since the breakup, Laurent Ruquier has dropped several jokes suggesting that their relationship was not looking good. Case in point, astrologically speaking.

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