Law and justice: five lawyers to defend Cédric Jubillar, is this normal?

Cédric Jubillar is indicted for “aggravated murder”, after the disappearance of his companion Delphine on the night of December 15 to 16, 2020 in the Tarn. No less than five lawyers will defend him. Is this normal? Answers with Lille lawyer Carine Delaby-Faure.

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On Friday June 18, the public prosecutor indicted Cédric Jubillar for the “aggravated murder” of his wife Delphine. A qualification of the facts denounced by his lawyer Jean-Baptiste Alary. In an interview granted to our colleagues from Ouest-France, the latter returns at length to this accusation which he judges ” inconsistent “. The lawyer speaks of a case ” void of evidence “, with elements that ” don’t hold up “.

However, to ensure the defense of his client, Jean-Baptiste Alary will be supported by ” two Toulouse criminal law firms “. That’s five lawyers in total. But is Cédric Jubillar entitled to have so many lawyers? ” Yesanswers Maître Carine Delaby-Faure, lawyer at the bar of Lille, nothing prevents you from choosing several lawyers “.

For the record, in the 1970s, Robert Badinter used to plead alongside the lawyer of a defendant who risked capital punishment. ” He
only intervened on the death penalty aspect. And this until it obtains its abolition “, recalls Carine Delaby-Faure, who rubbed shoulders with him in the Patrick Henry file.

However, some defenders do not like to “share” their files and a defense with several voices can create a certain cacophony. ” But sometimes young lawyers just want to be supported in certain cases and ask for help from a
coworker “explains the lawyer.

In the same way as the defendants or the accused, the civil parties can also be represented by several lawyers. Beware, however, of administrative bottlenecks: during the investigation, the files must then be sent in several copies… ” But generally, a lawyer centralizes for the others “recalls Carine Delaby-Faure.

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