Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert ready for Halloween: release of the blended family before the big day

If there’s one holiday that Americans look forward to celebrating every year, this is it Halloween. And celebrities are often not the last to get involved, researching their costumes well in advance and decorating their homes with care. This is the case again this year for Laeticia Hallyday. When she revealed the front of her well-decorated home together with a famous comedian who this time came to visit the widow of Johnny and Jalil Lespert in Los Angeles. The Hallyday clan took a trip to the farm Searching for perfect pumpkin.

If Jade Hallyday and Aliosha, son of Jalil Lespert and Bérangère Allaux – who lives in Los Angeles with them – were not present, Joy Hallyday, the 15 years younger than Johnny’s widow, was there. She posed next to her mother. And mother and daughter were, as always, very stylish. So if Laeticia Hallyday had opted for raw jeans, a simple white t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers, the teenager wore a schoolgirl-style pleated mini skirt, Doc Martens, a black Chrome Hearts t-shirt and a thick sweatshirt black. Wearing two pigtails, Joy looked like a perfect influencer. Jalil Lespert also joined this pumpkin hunt, and the pair posed smiling and complicit with each other. Visibly happy to meet again after quite busy respective schedules in recent weeks.

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