[La Créa du retail] “We enjoy better when we are well insured”, new campaign from Allianz – Marketing


The insurance company wants to speak again to illustrate a close stance as an extension of Allianz Group’s brand platform: “Ready for Tomorrow”, launched in June 2022.


Ogilvy Paris, an Allianz partner agency for ten years, has produced a new campaign that illustrates the insurer’s mission: empowering people to act, reducing risks to themselves and others through behavior that is both responsible and opens up new areas with freedom. “Being well insured gives a sense of freedom and peace of mind. This is Allianz’s commitment: to enable our customers at all stages of their lives to carry out their projects and live the present to the fullest. This saga stages, with humor, moments of daily sharing, filmed in a very natural way. It is resolutely optimistic and reflects the qualities of solidity and closeness of the Allianz brand,” explains Marie-Doha Besancenot, CSR, Brand and Communication Director at Allianz France. The series features endearing characters different stages of their lives, Immersed in familiar everyday situations: a turbulent child’s school trip, a retired couple’s gourmet excursion, a young couple’s move-in and the adjustments that follow. The first 3 films already broadcast are the work of Thomas Bidegain, French director of feature films and screenwriter (A prophet – De rouille et d’os). The fourth booklet will be televised in October and will feature small car insurance riders.


The global brand seeks to strengthen its local position with a message of confidence in the future.

The statement of Matthieu Elkaim, President, Creative Director, Ogilvy Paris:

“Allianz is the first global insurance company whose challenge in terms of communication is to get out of this cold, distant and disembodied image by leveraging its territorial network and its local agents. The Allianz agent is an actor in local life. From 2020, the brand made this shift by launching a CSR-tinged campaign with concrete actions. And to pursue this commitment, Allianz wants to demonstrate its proximity to the French by combining their wishes and their expectations through insurance offers rooted in everyday life. Although a basic necessity, insurance is life! What we’re demonstrating in this new campaign is that people don’t live their lives based on their insurance because they know they’re well covered. Have an insurance company’s view of themselves. We wanted to highlight the image ofan insurance company that knows how to stay put : provide an efficient service. This saga demonstrates that you can shop (trips, school trips, etc.) without worrying about your insurance. It’s always the same rhetoric: good insurance allows you to be freer and calmer, no matter what projects you have planned. »

Campaign: “We enjoy better when we are well insured”

Advertiser: Allianz

Agency: Ogilvy Paris

Broadcast: A 360° campaign with 4 films dedicated to Allianz France offers in car insurance, school insurance and home, broadcast on TV, VOL and radio and programmatically between April and October 2022.

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