Kate Middleton and William not ready to have a 4th child? “They have moved on to another phase”

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Despite pressure from the English media against Kate and William, Pierrick Geais, journalist and author, explained why the royal couple did not want a fourth child. Much to the dismay of the British people and the press.

Historically, the royal family, whose trust in Harry has been broken, has received some pressure from the British media, and tabloid rumors and speculation have been part of their daily lives. One in particular has been much talked about for several years: Kate’s wish, which showed a closed face after the revelations of Harry and William to have a fourth child.

In light of the beautiful little family that the couple is forming with her three childrenhave the British and the press always dreamed that Prince William, in grief after losing his godfather and his wife, would enlarge their little cocoon with the arrival of a new baby. That would have added another little brother or sister George, Charlotte and Louis which grows very quickly.

Pierrick Geais “I don’t think there will be another child”

But while there is much speculation surrounding the arrival of a fourth baby, which has never been officially ruled out, one journalist gave his negative opinion on the subject. it is Pierrick Geais, journalist and author of Prince William, the real life of a future kingwho recently gave an interview to Gala.

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He explained why he did not believe in the project of a fourth baby for Kate and William: “I don’t think there will be one more child. They have three, it’s already a lot (…) They have entered a new era, they are Prince and Princess of Wales, they are on one step of the throne, Charles is old, we don’t know how long he will be king, he is tired of his age and becomes so much more of the function, Kate and William have moved on to another phase in their liveshe said before continuing: “They are not to raise a new child, they are to prepare for the highest office, as king and queen. I think they are happy that their children are growing up and can support them when they ascend the throne”he concluded.


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