“Justice needs to be modernized” according to lawyer Charles Consigny

A poll published this weekend in the Journal du Dimanche shows that 73% of French people believe that French justice “works badly”. An opinion shared by lawyer Charles Consigny, member of “Grandes Gueules” on RMC, who believes that it is as much a problem of staff as of working time.

A large majority of French people (73%) believe that the judicial institution “works badly”. A figure that has never been so high for 60 years, according to an IFOP survey for the Sunday newspaper. Respondents are 65% to believe that judges are “not strict enough”, a figure even higher among sympathizers of the “radical right” (82%). An observation shared by lawyer Charles Consigny.

“French justice works very badly, whether it is civil justice or criminal justice. For once, there is a small staffing problem, but not only. There is also a working time problem. Justice needs to be modernized. I still see a lot of procedures that require you to physically go to court to file this or that appeal, request this or that act. Things that could totally be dematerialized, so it’s completely archaic. This kind of accumulated stuff wastes a lot of time”, he explains in “Les Grandes Gueules” this Monday on RMC.

And if justice is so slow, it is also the fault of the lawyers, he assumes. “You have to be fair, lawyers sometimes have their responsibility in court delays. They never tell their clients but it often happens that the lawyers are not up to date when the hearing arrives and therefore ask for a postponement or a dismissal to have time to prepare the file”, he supports. .

“An expeditious justice”

Despite everything, these repeated delays mean that justice is today extremely congested.

“It’s not at all satisfactory because, whatever the field, it can sometimes become a summary justice. In criminal matters, this is the case in many areas. And if not, it is a justice that is no longer rendered, that is to say without access to judges. And this is particularly the case in civil matters,” adds Charles Consigny.

According to the survey, two years after his arrival in government, 30% of respondents consider the action of the Minister of Justice Éric Dupond-Moretti “positive”, while 44% of those questioned have a bad opinion of him.

Guillaume Descours with AFP

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