Johnny Depp trial: who is Camille Vasquez, the actor’s brilliant lawyer?

In addition to being offensive in court, the young woman is also recognized as an excellent communication strategist.

They are two lawyers to represent Johnny Depp during the very media trial which opposes him to his ex-wife Amber Heard. They are Ben Chew and Camille Vasquez.

Camille Vasquez is a brilliant young lawyer who already has a solid reputation and who has been noticed by the general public during discussions in court.

A flawless career

A graduate of the University of Southern California in 2006, the young woman did not stop there and completed her studies at Southwestern Law School in 2010. She was quickly hired by a law firm in Los Angeles.

She will join the famous group Brown Rudnick thereafter where she is currently collaborator for litigation and arbitration

She even won this year’s “One to Watch” award for Commercial Litigation Lawyer of the Year.

The Brown Rudnice Group clarifies that “its current practice focuses on defamation suits on the plaintiffs’ side, with additional experience in contract disputes, commercial torts and employment-related claims.”

A true strategist

He goes on to describe her as “adept at formulating offensive and defensive litigation strategies for private clients. She also has extensive experience in reputation management and crisis communication.”

And it is for this skill that she was surely hired.

Because what is at stake in this trial for Johnny Depp is his reputation.

Camille Vasquez did not hesitate for a second to attack Amber Head to discredit her and thus reverse opinion in favor of her client, Johnny Depp.

She shows her as the one who is the violent person. And she even declared before the court: “She is obsessed with her public image. She has lived and breathed this role for years and she is preparing to give the representation of her life”, as reported by Le Figaro.

The rumor of a relationship with his client

During the trial, many noticed attentive looks or friendly gestures between the lawyer and her client.

This has caused many rumors about a possible affair between Camille Vasquez and Johnny Depp.

The media TMZ clarified that “it was nothing more than rumors on social networks” by completing that “all members of Johnny Depp’s legal team are close. Over the weeks, they have created at the both a professional relationship and a friendship”.

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