“It is legitimate to shorten the duration of compensation,” says Ferracci

It is a reform strongly condemned by the opposition. The reform of the unemployment insurance will be voted on at the first reading this Tuesday in the assembly, despite the reluctance of some of the opposition and in particular Nupes, who condemn that the government is “declaring war on the unemployed”. But for the rapporteur for the reform, there is no question of going to war against the unemployed. “The philosophy of the reform is to say that when we are in a situation where things are going well on the labor market, the rules must be more incentives for employment. But they must be more protective when the situation worsens”, he explains at Europe’s microphone 1.

Changing the duration of the compensation, “it is legitimate”

Already “a trail has been ruled out” to encourage a return to work. “We will not vary the compensation amount. That is what the minister said. We do not want to touch the amounts because we are in a period of inflation, we are in a period where we want to protect the purchasing power of the French. So it would be inappropriate to touch the compensation amount”, assures Marc Ferracci.

But the government is already leaning towards another solution: the duration of the compensation. “It is one of the tracks that are on the table”, assures the rapporteur for the reform. “Today, when you are in a situation where there are employment opportunities, well, quite naturally, the duration of unemployment tends to be shorter”, notes Marc Ferracci.

Eventful consultations

“So yes, it’s perfectly legitimate to shorten the duration of the compensation”, adds deputy Renaissance. Last step for the government, consultation with the social partners, strong opposition to the idea of ​​reforming unemployment insurance. “A consultation is not just unilateral decisions that are communicated to people,” he says.

“A consultation is options that are put on the table, and then people express reservations and ideas. And I can tell you that it works, because we often don’t always come out with the same document that we enter the room with”, concludes Marc Ferracci.

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