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As the national day of the fight against food waste takes place on October 16, Bluewin dedicates an article to ugly vegetables, those plants that do not end up on the shelves under the pretext that they do not meet the expectations of consumers.

They can be too big, crooked or worse, sometimes have inexplicable growths, but all this does not make them less tasty and have long benefited from rehabilitation campaigns in supermarkets in the mid-2010s, but now they are anti-waste apps like TooGoodToGo or Phenix, who are responsible for restoring their image.

In Israel, a start-up goes even further, and a start-up has found a way to make them more beautiful to be able to eat them and turn them into ready meals.

By recovering what the producers could not sell, the Anina company uses a technology it has patented, which consists of transforming the material into ultra-thin discs.

Everything is thought out to preserve the taste and prevent the final product from requiring the addition of color or additives. Two years of experiments were necessary to make the result really interesting in taste.

The vegetable strips serve as the basis for the composition of menus enriched with proteins, pasta, herbs, lentils or bulgur. The meals take the form of very graphic capsules that can be reheated in a few minutes in the microwave or on a hob. Three recipes have been developed.

They are of Italian, Mediterranean and Vietnamese inspiration and contain at least 40% vegetables. This will not only help revitalize ugly vegetables by reducing waste, but also make ready meals nutritionally acceptable.

Source: Bluewin (Switzerland)

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