“It is important to reinvent the automotive industry with passion and confidence”, Jérôme Finet (Ewigo franchisee)

experienced entrepreneur, Jerome Finet has three outlets Ewigo franchise and is considering future establishments in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. Experience the testimony of this entrepreneur who knew how to turn his passion for the car into his job.


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Jérôme Finet began his professional life with a work study BTS in the Autodistribution group, where he developed for 15 years, climbing all levels until he reached the position of sales manager. At the same time, he obtained a degree in management at the Dijon School of Business. After this first experience, he took over the commercial management of the Dijon group CarTrade, a specialist in car trade. Finally, always looking for market trends, he decided in 2021 to join Ewigo network then to immediately join Distinxion. Its goal: to engage in further diversification with pioneering brands in their fields to ensure the development of its activity.

As commercial director of the CarTrade group, what made you join the Ewigo franchise network?

Jerome Finet: The CarTrade group has three sales points in the Dijon urban area and a stock park with almost 800 vehicles. Two of these sales outlets specialize in new vehicles, the third in used vehicles. Our historical activity has made us want to develop into franchising to offer additional services.

We were looking for one network with a good reputation and a dynamic picture of development. Ewigo presented itself as obvious in relation to our project. Especially because it was important to establish a relationship with the leader of the network in order to be understood and supported. The meeting with the managers was decisive. Trade is above all a human affair.

How does the Ewigo franchise help you in your development strategy?

that the automotive industry is fully mutation. It sees the birth of new actors, new professions, new methods. The communication approach is different, the customers are different. The product itself changes. Proof of this: the car market is currently experiencing a decline of about 25 to 30% in sales compared to 2021. If the used vehicle is doing better in general, however, it remains concentrated at 60% or 70% of CtoC sales.

Joining a network like Ewigo, which connects individuals to facilitate sales and purchase transactions, was essential to optimize our development strategy.

What was your development with the Ewigo franchise?

On September 1, 2021, we opened a first franchise Ewigo in Chalon-sur-Saône by buying back a business to turn it around. This 120 m² office, which originally had two employees, now has five and has seen a tenfold increase in its activity.

By virtue of this first establishment, in 2022 we have signed the opening of a second sales point Ewigo in Rolampontin Haute-Marne, thanks to the acquisition of a franchise Difference, the first national network for the sale of zero km vehicles. Original fact, we decided to connect these two complementary brands, each a pioneer in their respective fields. This concession has a sales showroom of 200 m² and an outdoor park of 3,000 m² to offer a selection of more than 40 brands of vehicles. It is run by five employees, including an office manager.

Finally, on October 1, 2022, we opened a new point of sale Ewigo in Dole, with a 90 m² agency consisting of offices and a 1,500 m² outdoor storage area. We create four jobs in the process.

What is the key to your success?

There are several. Logistics : it is based on the optimization of sales points, agencies and concessions, thanks to the concentration of all services (HR, administration, secretarial, etc.), managed directly by our group’s head office.

Strategic : it is based on the synergy between complementary concepts and the predominant place given to communication. Media, radio, written press, mailings are good development pledges for all the group’s activities, as are social networks with a team of integrated community managers.

Managerially : I manage the HR part, to be closer to the people in the field who are proactive, and delegate my skills and services to the various sales points. My employees benefit from specialized support via Ewigo training.

Relational and humanfinally, as I am involved on a personal basis with local associations, especially sports associations, which gives me the opportunity to establish the network’s presence in the public eye.

I would add that it is important to maintain a good balance between professional activity, family life and free time.

How do you project yourself into the future?

It is important to reinvent the automotive profession with passion and confidence. Moving forward, constantly being on the lookout for current events, reflecting on developments in the sector, initiating connections… are essential attributes for progress. The committed adventure is called to continue. There will be other Ewigo sales points.

What are your recommendations for future franchisees?

You have to believe in your dreams and your projects. Live them at 500%. Becoming a franchisee requires a lot of involvement and investment, self-questioning. The relationship with the other is an accelerator. Knowing how to delegate is key. I would add that the chance factor also comes into play and that the business plan is a good indicator.

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