Is your life insurance at risk?

The best way to learn about SCPIs is to do it with the number 1 SCPI market: La Centrale des SCPI ( Unlike banks, this specialized platform allows savers to benefit from personalized and tailored advice.

La Centrale des SCPI website refers to all SCPIs, but also allows you to find the best anti-crisis and anti-inflation investment tips. Everything is clear, simple and well explained.

Buying SCPIs is simple, intuitive and fast. Far from the headache of buying real estate!

It is possible to buy SCPIs online with a few clicks on the website of La Centrale des SCPI or more classically ask to discuss with an adviser on if you want an appointment or to be sent documentation.

The strong point of La Centrale des SCPI is the competence of the advisors who carry out your free balance and recommend all the solutions to invest your savings.

Whether it is to invest the money from a life insurance purchase in Euro funds, to invest the money from a property sale or a property, savers are flocking to SCPIs. Life insurance funds in euros no longer provide anything, but this is also the case for bank books or rental apartments, which are being massacred with the increase in property taxes and the price of renovation works.

Increasing your savings up to 6% net is not an unattainable goal if you take the time to learn about alternative investments such as SCPI. As a reminder, this real estate investment shows attractive and competitive results.

To successfully invest in SCPI shares, it is recommended to get closer to ultra-specialized SCPI websites such as La Centrale des SCPI, which can be contacted on 01 44 56 00 23 or


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