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In a viral clip that added a bit of reality to one of the spooky lore prevalent on the internet, a Google Earth discovery shows a mysterious building observed by an internet user. The clip begins with the person zooming into the red bubble already marked on the map.

The bubble is affixed near a circular building near an abandoned water park in Nara, Japan. In the video, the user picks up the yellow guy from the toolbar and drops it near the red marker. This is where the video became worthy of racking up a monumental number of views as it reveals an image, allegedly, showing inside a building.

The image shows an area, which resembles Backrooms, a virtual internet sensation that internet users are obsessed with. For the uninitiated, the Backroom is an endless maze of completely vacant offices. And according to tradition, once you enter the back rooms, you cannot escape or exit.

The clip, which also went viral on various social media platforms, grew more intense and creepier as the camera moved to show what appears to be an endless hole in the ground. The user, while sharing the clip, revealed in the caption the coordinates of the place and informed that the image no longer exists.

Take a look at the video here:

The video raised hair and sparked reactions from netizens, who were flabbergasted to see such a bizarre arrangement inside an abandoned building. One user wrote, “Gotta respect the cameraman for escaping backstage just to google map it. Another said: “Maybe just an underground bunker. You would never know. And since you call it the Backrooms, it makes a lot of sense, especially if there are doorways and stairwells.

Many users called the video fake and claimed that the video was fabricated and tampered with, suggesting that it had been edited.

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