Is it possible to take out insurance for your wedding?

For a thousand and one reasons, your wedding ceremony can be canceled or postponed. Taking out insurance for your wedding may seem surprising or even unthinkable to some, but it can cover you in the event of unforeseen events and guarantee the reimbursement of certain ceremony expenses. To fully understand what it entails, we take stock.

The wedding is a unique event for which the French are ready to allocate a large budget, even a very large one. But what happens when it has to be canceled or postponed? During the Covid-19 pandemic, mass gatherings were banned and PCR tests were recommended for every guest, leading to massive cancellations. Unfortunately, many brides and grooms have been forced to find solutions to save their marriage and the budget involved. With wedding insurance it is possible to limit potential losses and periods of stress!

Why take out wedding insurance?

Since the unprecedented context of a pandemic, many couples are led to question the interest in protecting themselves more. wedding insurance allows cover the married subscribers in the event of cancellation or postponement. In particular, it takes care of unforeseen events that can affect the bride and groom’s entourage, such as an accident, death or even the location of the event that is impossible to access, a catering company that cancels at the last minute… Obviously. , the wedding insurance contract excludes certain special cases. If one of the prospective spouses decides not to attend the ceremony, typically no refund will be made. Regarding the cost, if it can represent a significant additional amount (generally between 1 and 3% of the wedding), you should know that according to the insurance companies it can be offered in the form of a premium.

What does traditional wedding insurance cover?

Most marriage insurance policies cover the hospitalization or death of spouses, witnesses and close family members. with the exception of persons over 80 years of age.

Another cost item that can be compensated: service providers. Like florists, caterers or even the orchestra, some may go out of business a few days before D-Day, or simply abandon their customers. If the contract is not complied with, the bride and groom will therefore be reimbursed for this insurance. No one is immune to having a withdrawal from the photographer during the ceremony; This is how wedding insurance comes into play to compensate the bride and groom.

Also be aware that most of the time, wedding insurance also covers logistical issues, such as cancellation of trains, boats, blocked roads to get to the place of the ceremony, this for the bride and groom and witnesses. Most of the time, weddings take place in the summer, a period prone to natural disasters such as fires or floods, which unfortunately can cause serious damage to the venue reserved for months to host your ceremony.

What are the optional warranties?

When you take out wedding insurancetake your time compare the contracts and the optional guarantees offered. Additional coverage can be, for example, the loss of wedding rings a few days before the D-day, special precautions in connection with a pyrotechnic show, etc. In very rare exceptions, this insurance does not allow certain refunds, such as accident with the rental car or lack of financial means.

Also, if you want to insure yourself for your wedding now, know that it might not be too late. Take effect, you can buy wedding insurance up to one month before the ceremonydepending on the selected insurance company.

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