is Berrichons ready to turn down the heat?

But do they take us for children or what? I didn’t wait for the government’s messages to lower the heat! We don’t spend money for fun!“The least we can say is that this Berruyer is very upset and he is not the only one.

Most of the Berrichons crusaders are annoyed by this campaign aimed at encouraging energy sobriety in all of us : lower the heat to 19°C, run the washing machines at night, do not leave devices on standby. So much “small movements” to limit French electricity consumption and avoid supply interruptions.

“I don’t need anyone telling me how to dress!”

It takes us for fools. As if I needed Bruno Lemaire to tell me to wear a turtleneck!“gets irritated this Berrichon, referring to the interview with the Minister of Economy on France Inter, where he explained that he planned to wear a turtleneck in the ministry’s corridors.

We are in a building with collective heating. We got used to being warm. If we dress too much inside, how should we do when we go out? And then I got cold myself…“explains a pensioner from Bourges.

Bag in hand, a Berrichonne returns from his cheerful shopping: “Look, I just bought a sweater! and I also plan to put a wood burning stove in my house. And if that’s not enough, I spend the winter with my aunt. We share the costs. There is carpooling, so why not cohabitation!

A solution hailed by this Berruyère: “I have never in my life been so concerned about our energy independence. We all have to make an effort, myself included. So let’s buy big jerseys, lay out what can be! Otherwise, there is no warm-up for anyone!

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