Iranian drones striking Ukraine are made of ‘made in USA’ parts

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The Russian military is increasingly using Iranian drones to attack civilian targets in Ukraine. Earlier this week, President Volodymyr Zelensky said the Ukrainian military had shot down more than 80 such machines in two days. Only then have Ukrainian and British experts examined a few copies of these Iranian drones under the magnifying glass. And they discovered that the parts from which these drones are made come more than two-thirds from American companies.

The Iranian drone Shahed-136, examined by a group of Ukrainian experts, contained 52 components. Forty of them, from the semiconductor to the motor, were manufactured by thirteen different American companies.

Expert committee

This information is taken very seriously in Washington. The Biden administration has created a committee of experts to answer this difficult question: how are these American-made parts in Iranian drones?

Contacted by several American media, the affected companies in the United States ensured that they respected the sanctions that prohibit any sale of weapons or equipment that could be used to manufacture them in Tehran.

Front companies

Specialists, gathered by the White House, do not believe that the error is at the level of American manufacturers. Instead, they suspect Iran and Russia of buying the material in question through front companies. These are difficult to detect and therefore even more difficult to control.

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