Internet users are more willing to pay

French Internet users consume more and more cultural goods online legally. Three-quarters of them (73%) say they get access to it “exclusively lawful use” (compared to 62% of all internet users). that “respect for copyright” peaks their motivation, in front “payment security and absence of viruses”.

“An increase in willingness to pay” and one “decline in illegal consumption”which the Supervisory Authority for Audiovisual and Digital Communications welcomes in its latest barometer for dematerialized cultural goods (1), published on Friday 16 December 2022.

Twelve cultural properties now measured

During the past twelve months, 86% of internet users are over 15 years old, i.e. 45 million French, consumed at least one of the twelve online cultural goods now measured in this barometer, created in 2011. Documentaries, podcasts and live performances were added to the list this year after press and sports broadcasts in 2019.

In 2022, movies (54%, +2 points), music (50%, +1) and TV series (49%, +1) will remain at the top of the most watched or listened to dematerialized cultural goods, ahead of photography ( 41 %, +3), video games (37%, +3), the press (32%, –1), documentaries (29%), sports broadcasts (18%, –1) or podcasts (17%), performing arts (7%) falls far behind.

Less hacking

Good news for cultural actors: the share of “illegal use” among Internet users fell significantly, from 27 to 24% over a year. “A positive signal for the legal offer” which Arcom attributes “development of legal offers”but also to “new anti-piracy measures” : blocking mirror sites offering cultural content, stopping illegal sports broadcasting sites, lawsuits initiated by rights holders, etc.

“The profile of the hacker is rather a young man CSP +. The price is probably not its most important determination. Above all, he is very aware of new hacking techniques., noted Laurence Pecaut-Rivolier, member of the College of Arcom, during a press conference. She was also glad that there was “less illegal use among newcomers”.

Generalization of the subscription

Almost three-quarters (73%) of Internet users now have access to at least one paid subscription, either in their household (63%) or via an external person’s codes. “Account sharing appears to be a mass phenomenon”notes Arcom, which proposes to remedy this “Tariff offer that gives access to a larger number of people for the same subscription”.

After a stability in 2020 and 2021, the share of Internet users who have paid to access cultural content online has increased from 57% to 60%. In detail, they spend more on their credit cards for movies (62%), series (60%) and books (57%) than for podcasts (27%) or the press (24%).

The average basket increases… but ecological concern

Due to the increase in consumers paying for cultural goods online, the average basket of French Internet users increased by €2 to €21 per month. For consumers who are used to paying online, remained stable at €32 per month.

Asked about environmental issues, 46% of Internet users (and up to 54% of 15/24-year-olds) believe that their online cultural practices have an impact “ strong » (30%) or « very strong (16%) on their CO2 footprint in particular. And 74% of those who have this awareness say they are ready for it “reduce their practices”.


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