Insurance: what you still need to know after Sunday’s tornadoes

After the shock, it’s time for local residents to turn to their insurance.

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The state of natural disasters, really?

France Assureurs (formerly the French Insurance Federation) explains that it is not necessary because “ a housing contract must include a storm warranty, which covers all damage caused by the wind “.

The natural disaster declaration is on the other side ” necessary for flood damage “. It should be noted that three weeks after the Hautmont tornado, in 2008, a decree recognizing the state of natural disasters had been published in the official journal, but surprisingly in the text, ” for damage caused by floods and mudslides when the damage was caused by the wind. ” The government caved in under pressure from people demanding this recognition “, recalls Stéphane Wilmotte, mayor of Hautmont.

The instructions

In the event of a claim, France Assureurs writes, all necessary measures must be taken to avoid aggravation of the damage suffered (coverage, shelter of furniture, clearing, etc.), take photos of the damage in advance, group all the elements of invoices. The deadline for filing a statement is five days.

If his vehicle is crushed by a tree, the car insurance policy does not cover if you are insured by a third party. The storm guarantee covers the main building of the house if it has been damaged. If uninhabitable, the insurance company can cover the costs of relocation to the extent stipulated in the contract. “Reimbursement for damage to buildings is based on the reconstruction value.

The furniture is insured under the same conditions as in case of fire. Some contracts allow for replacement value compensation, others use obsolescence coefficients.

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