Insurance. What is the price of the gray card in 2023?

Since the start of 2023, the average price of a tax horse has been just over €43. This average hides a price difference at a regional level. This reality can be seen in the Pays de la Loire, in New Aquitaine and in the Hauts-de-France region, where the price of the tax horse has undergone a slight increase. In Pays de la Loire it rose to €51, €34.5 in Hauts-de-France and €45 in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. The increase in the amount of the tax horse leads to a small increase in the 2023 gray card price in these 3 regions. However, prices remain unchanged in the other regions, with the exception of Martinique, where the price of a tax horse falls to €30, while it was set at €51 in 2022, an unusual decrease of €21. Corsica remains the region where the tax horse is at its lowest, namely €27.

Certificate of registration: what does it cost?

Several elements are included in the definition of the cost of the registration certificate, including various taxes:

  • The tax for the development of vocational training actions in transport or Y2 tax;
  • The fixed tax Y4 (formerly management tax) of €11;
  • The polluting vehicle tax or Y3 tax;
  • The regional tax or the Y1 tax.

In addition to these various fees, there is the fee for issuing the registration certificate, also called the Y5 fee.

It is the regional tax that is mainly involved in the increase in the price of the gray card 2023. It is linked to the fiscal power of each vehicle. If you have two vehicles of the same type, 7 CV and 5 CV, the amount of the regional tax will be higher for the 1st vehicle, even if the gray card on the two vehicles is established in the same region. Remember that the price of the treasure horse is not the same throughout the French territory, each region defines it according to its own choice. The amount that the owner pays is therefore partly linked to his geographical location.

To determine the regional tax, multiply the cost of the tax horse in the region by the tax horse power of the vehicle.

Example: For a vehicle with a fiscal power of 7 horsepower, the regional tax payable in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region will be calculated as follows: 7 x €45 = €315.

The transmission fee and the administration fee are fixed and amount to €2.76 and €11 respectively. If it is a private car, it is exempt from the tax for the development of vocational training actions within transport. As for the tax on polluting vehicles (Y3), it is calculated taking into account the type of vehicle you have, its power, its age and its CO2 emissions.

Where do you get your gray card?

The procedure for establishing the gray card has been simplified with the dematerialization of the procedures. Since 2017, the formalities are no longer carried out in the prefecture, but online on the Internet. In addition to the documents to be provided, FranceConnect IDs may be required. Note that documents may be required depending on the request (registration for used or new vehicle, gray card for imported vehicle, etc.). Payment can be made by credit card. If you do not complete the procedure at ANTS, you have the option of going through an approved professional and paying for your gray card in several installments with a credit card.

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