Insurance: Gabon updates its list of technical experts |

Technical experts working in the field of insurance were asked to approach the National Insurance Department by October 25 to submit “copies of authorization to practice as an insurance expert”. An approach aimed at updating the list of these experts in the country.

Insurance professionals have until 25 October 2022 to lodge their authorization to practice with the National Insurance Department. ©

Intervening on claims related to any product, technical experts working in the field of insurance were asked to contact the National Insurance Department. This with a view to “submit copies of the authorizations to practice as an insurance administrator, issued by the supervisory authority, showing the original, no later than 25 October 2022”, an announcement a press release published in The trade union of 10 October.

“After this period, the experts who have not come forward will not appear on the updated list of experts authorized to practice in the insurance sector”, warned the press release. When the customer of an insurance company is exposed to damage, the expert goes to the site to assess the extent of the damage. He observes the smallest details, researches the causes of the accident and estimates the damages. For this he must have advanced technical knowledge.

Medicine, car, building, meteorology… The expert is most of the time specialized in one area. Based on his observations in the field and his legal knowledge, he then writes a report that will allow the insurance company to calculate the amount of compensation to be paid to the insured. But the expert does not intervene until after the disaster. Before signing a contract, he may conduct expert appraisals to assess the value of a property to be guaranteed, such as a piece of jewelry.

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