Insurance for business trips

Today, companies regularly send their employees around the world. Wherever they are, they should be able to benefit from quick assistance, whatever their problem.

The countries with the greatest growth potential are often the riskiest and most unpredictable. Companies must ensure that their employees traveling on business benefit from the advice and guarantees necessary to ensure their safety.

Business travel insurance has the advantage that it provides cover for travelers and security for the company, which is responsible for its employees when they are on assignment.

All insurance companies provide an application for download, which will geo-locate business travelers in real time and inform them of the risks of a destination, be it political, health, climatic, etc. It will also have the advantage of being able to find an insured person if he is admitted urgently .

About the app

The mobile application helps employees who travel professionally:
• Direct access to partners’ emergency medical teams and security experts
assistants, in the event of a serious medical or safety issue.
• Receiving targeted alerts in real time in the event of interruptions of the funds regarding
transport, natural disasters, popular movements, acts of terrorism
or health risks.
• Receiving messages sent by the employer via e-mail or SMS, especially i
crisis situation where communication must be fast and reliable, or to indicate a
route change.
• Access to useful information and recommendations about the country of destination: vaccinations
advice, culture, language, climate, visas, electrical standards and adapters, funds for
transport, currency and converters, public holidays, celebrations and local customs.
• Medical condition and medicine data library with details
symptoms, recommended medication, potential side effects and their
• Updated contact information and opening hours for embassies and consulates.
• Ability to change location settings so employees can report their location
exact position or just the country they are in to receive alerts
that concern them.
• Access to detailed, country-specific safety information and advice.

A dashboard for HR

The dashboard gives risk managers and HR managers the opportunity to get a comprehensive overview of teams of employees on professional tasks. They can locate them and know if they are in immediate danger or danger.
It also allows them to communicate with traveling employees via email or SMS, for example in the event of a crisis where fast and reliable communication is needed, or to inform them of a change of plans or itinerary.
SMS messages use one of the most advanced routing technologies. Thus, any traveler can receive a warning message even if he is in a region covered only by a 2G network.

This product is rarely offered by major ticket agencies or business platforms with SMEs/SMIs, which is a shame because, in addition to offering guarantees and exceptional service to the insured, it demonstrates their professionalism and offers real added value.


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