Insurance for a vintage car: what price and what conditions?

If you’re a lover of beautiful machines, you’ve no doubt already dreamed of owning a vintage car. Or maybe you’re lucky enough to have one in your garage. To drive such a vehicle, you must comply with certain rules imposed by law. Explanations about the insurance obligation and the specificity of collector cars.

I am looking for the best insurance for my classic car

What is a collector car?

First of all, it is important to define what a classic car is for insurance purposes. A collector car is a vehicle over 30 years old, which is no longer produced and whose technical characteristics have not been changed. It can be a car from the 80s, called a very trendy “Yougtimer”: a Renault 5 Turbo, a BMW M3 (E30 and E36), a Porsche 928. Peugeot 306 and its cabriolet or S16 version or the 406 Coupé designed by Pininfarina .

If you are lucky enough to own a vehicle that meets these criteria, it will not automatically be considered a collector car. To have the mention “collection” added to your car registration document, you must attach to your request a certificate issued either by the manufacturer or its representative in France or by the French Federation of Vintage Cars (FFVE).

Why insure a classic car?

Insuring your vehicle, collector or not, is a legal obligation.. Purpose: to provide minimal protection, but oh so essential to anyone who suffers damage caused or suffered by their vehicle. If you have a vintage car, you must therefore at least insure it with the statutory liability insurance.

However, for this rare object that you care so much about, it is strongly recommended to take out an all-risk insurance that can guarantee adequate reimbursements, in case of damage, or a special collector car insurance that will allow you to benefit from dedicated offers.

How much does it cost to insure a vintage car?

Your classic car is not a vehicle like the others. She is over 30 and does not ride daily. The insurance premium is therefore lower than for a classic car. Some insurance companies even offer very advantageous contracts reserved for this type of vehicle.

To determine the amount of the annual premium for a classic car insurance, several parameters must be taken into account, such as your age, the bonus-malus coefficient or the type of car (make, model, year, coast, etc.) and the chosen type of guarantees: third-party – or all-risk insurance, options, etc. Count on average between €150 and €200 per year.

At what age do you have to insure a collector’s car?

Depending on the insurance companies (Axa, Maaf, Maif…), the conditions may change. Be aware that most require the driver to be over 21 years of age and that he has held a driving license for at least 3 years, but also that he has not been responsible for an accident in the 2 years preceding the signing of the contract. Some insurance companies may refuse to cover the vehicle for commuting. Take the time to carefully study all the details of the car insurance contract.

Who can drive my classic car?

Every contract is different, only one solution: contact your insurance company to find out who can drive your classic car. You will then know your obligations more precisely and can, if possible, add the name of a new driver, regular or occasional. Feel free to compare online to get the best insurance price for your classic car.

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