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Zanarini has developed an excellent activity in the distribution of raw beets serving the main Italian industries. “However, in recent years we have also started servicing European companies, which systematically ask us for schedules for the supply of raw materials,” explains Matteo Zanarini, owner of Zanarini Agromarketing and Consulting. “The reaction to a constantly increasing demand requires a consolidated cooperation with the network of suppliers that we represent. »

According to Eurostat data, Poland is currently the leading European beet producer with 239,000 tons of production harvested in 2021, followed by France, which increased its production by more than 40,000 tons to reach 177,320 tons of production harvested in 2021. Below are the European production figures.

Beetroot harvest (in 1,000 tonnes)

PAUSE 2019 2020 2021
POLAND 280.90 260.90 239.00
FRANCE 152.74 134.74 177.32
GERMANY 95.67 99.44 110.39
LITHUANIA 50.63 54.15 57.71
THE NETHERLANDS 37.61 38.08 44.72
ITALY 17.43 15.34 14.23

Eurostat data of 20/09/22 by Zanarini srl

In Italy, over the past three years (2019-2020-2021), yields have seen a gradual decline of around 20%. “This trend is confirmed by our partners. We suspect that a further decline in Italian beet crops may also occur this year, as the lack of rain seems to have had a negative effect on growth,” Zanarini added.

Consumption and distribution
Regarding the origin of the product in the EU market, it appears that most of it is of European origin. According to Farmers Weekly (13/04/22), post-Brexit European buyers would have drastically reduced the purchase of British produce in favor of products from the EU. Large quantities of British beetroot therefore remained unsold.

“We have seen a gradual increase in the demand from the processing industry for beetroot originating in the EU. This was particularly noticeable in the period 2020/21. Therefore, we are now developing cultivation plans to meet our customers’ needs at any time of the year,” explained Zanarini.

The increase in demand for beets goes hand in hand with increased consumer interest in ready-to-eat products. According to data from market research firm Nielsen, sales of this product segment saw a 6.1% increase in the first half of 2022 compared to the first half of 2021 (7.5 million tons compared to 7 million tons).

Furthermore, despite inflation, the consumption of plant-based ready meals increased by 58.3% in the first half of 2022 compared to four years ago, figures from the Coop 2022 report on Italian consumption show.

Matteo Zanarini

“We had already predicted acreage expansion last year, assuming a likely increase in the commodity market. At the moment, this increase appears to be offset by the delay in yields, but we assure all our customers that they can count on last season’s volumes,” concluded the manager.

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