In the Jura, she discovers a lynx on her terrace and takes a memorable photo

That the neighbours’ cat is caged in your garden is a great classic. But for a lynx to settle down on the terrace is much rarer! Such is the enormous surprise to which a resident of Jura was entitled, who had the reflex to take a surprising picture. Explanations.

It happened on Saturday, in the town of Salain-les-Bains. The information is disclosed in particular by Progress which in its columns tells about the words of the person visited:

“I was getting ready to eat between 12:30 and 1:00 p.m. And I see what I think is a big cat walk past my bay window. I look at it and I understand that it’s a young loose”

🔴 On Saturday 17 December, a Salinoise was surprised to come face to face on his terrace with a young lynx. A priori injured, the latter was caught ⤵️

Posted by Le Progrès Jura on Monday, December 19, 2022

Immediately after this unprecedented meeting, the association Center Athénas, which saves wild animals, was notified. Arriving at the scene, she finds that the animal is emaciated and injured. She then decides to capture him to take care of him and give him the necessary care.

Gilles Moyne, Director of the Athenas Center:

“We have weight references. The weight loss of this lynx is estimated at almost 40%. It is an animal that had fasted or eaten poorly for 10 to 15 days. He was also the victim of a collision as he has facial trauma with a cleft palate and some other wounds.

Now in good hands, the lynx can return to its natural environment in a few months. For the resident who received his visit, a memorable memory remains:

“It’s unbelievable! (…) I send the picture to my friends and they tell me it’s a montage.”

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