In the event of a problem on your journey, you must contact your assistance via your car insurance for these reasons

The majority of motorists who insure their vehicle have an assistance guarantee in their contract. It can be extremely useful in many situations. In fact, in the event of an error, ieIt will be possible to contact a support service that should be available seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. Here are the main situations where policyholders can take advantage of it.

For towing needs

Cars are sometimes temperamental and even newer models can suffer sudden breakdowns. Car insurance help can then step in at this point. The number is usually on the certificate, which must always accompany the vehicle.

A tow truck can then be dispatched. This is a normally free service under certain conditions. It all depends on the terms of the contract. If the deposit location for the vehicle after repair is far enough, a deductible can be expected.

To compensate for hotel expenses

The road is still a preferred option for a large number of people who need to travel. But when they break down hundreds or even thousands of kilometers from home, it’s quite difficult to get repaired. Thereby, the insurance can then cover the rental of a room in a hotel room, possibly. Once again, the amount depends on the guarantees taken out by the driver. The basic contracts do not allow you to exceed a certain consumption limit.

To request a replacement vehicle

Subscribers to full package all-risk insurance have the chance to request a temporary replacement car. This will be very useful for continuing on your road or for occasional use until your own vehicle is repaired.

It is in fact a rental car, the costs of which are fully covered by the insurance company. This emergency vehicle may only be delivered under certain conditions. It is therefore important to read your contract thoroughly.

Varied options depending on car insurance

Indeed, not all motorists are in the same boat regarding this assistance guarantee. Members who have chosen the most basic formulas will definitely get less services. Moreover, will it be possible to pay a deductible in the event that a maximum coverage area, e.g. is exceeded.

However, all-risk insurance will of course cost more. The best thing would be to do a complete inspection of your vehicle before you leave to limit the risk of mistakes.

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