In Plomodiern, a goat and a deer victims of Dinéault’s killer dogs – Brittany

Everything suggests that they are the ones who killed a goat, Friday April 29 in Plomodiern, and a deer, Sunday May 1, in this same town, at a place called Dinidig. The deer was dragged to the side of the road where one of its legs was devoured. The photo taken by a local resident is not very pretty to see. “This is the first time that we have had proof of an attack on wildlife,” notes Patrick Sastre, the Dinéault breeder. He himself suffered great losses and lists those of others. “The presence of dogs was also reported on Saturday April 30 in Saint-Nic, near the Ménez-Hom goat farm, on Sunday in the town of Plonévez-Porzay and on Monday May 2, at a roundabout in Locronan, early in the evening,” he says.

State intervention

Like other owners of sheep and goats, the shepherd would like the prefect to issue an order to put an end to these attacks. “The representative of the State has the possibility of involving the gendarmerie and the guards of the French Office for Biodiversity and the lieutenants of wolf hunting”, he assures after having inquired at the chamber of agriculture. Patrick Sastre is well aware that capturing (or shooting) the dogs will not be easy because they move quickly and over long distances (20 km separate Dinéault from Locronan).

Inform the gendarmerie

At the gendarmerie company of Châteaulin, it is confirmed that the State services are working on this problem and that a decision should not fail to intervene quickly. In the meantime, the soldiers advise the victims to lodge a complaint as soon as an attack occurs and to inform them, with precision, of the place and time of the presence of the two large wandering dogs (one black and one light brown, cross type beauceron and labrador). And above all, not to play the vigilante yourself.

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