In Normandy, these 2 radars flashing at 81 km/h are ready to take on anything in their path

The Norman department of Eure has just put two new autonomous radars into use, which flash on roads limited to 80 km/h.

The wave of departures by road for the celebration of the end of the year has, since this Friday, put thousands of motorists at war with the speed limits that abound in our territory. And whoever says speed limit also says speed cameras. Among the latest devices in this area that were put into service in recent days in France (December 14) we note two autonomous radars installed in the department of Eure. The first of these Norman radars is at Ecardenville-la-Campagne. It is precisely placed “on D613 between Écardenville-la-Campagne and the intersection of the two stags“, reports the specialized website which further specifies that this radar is “put into operation in an area with an overtaking window: the speed is therefore limited to 90 km/ten in the direction of Lisieux towards Évreux and to 80 km/ ten the other direction”.

As for the rest of the year, be careful driving for the end of the year festivities: speed cameras and law enforcement are out© Alex Krassovsky

In both ways

The second autonomous radar is installed in Eure, at Chaise-Dieu-Du-Theil on the D926 branch road, on a safe route. specifies that it is in the direction of Verneuil-sur-Avre, shortly after the exit from Chandai, on the left, level with the small parking area.” Like its “counterpart” from Ecardenville -la- Campagne, this autonomous radar is used on a section limited to 80 km/h. these two radars flash in both traffic directions, front and rear, and that neither is signaled upstream of a specific panel.

What to remember about these two radars

  • These two radars are autonomous, also called location radars
  • They are put into use on departmental roads D163 and D926
  • They flash at speed on roads limited to 80 km/h
  • They flash in both directions
  • The presence of these two radars is not indicated by any panel

Reported margin of error for a fixed speed camera on a road limited to 80 km/h

Speed ​​limited to: Margin of error Acceleration from:
Speed ​​limited to:80 km/h Margin of error5 km/h Acceleration from:86 km/h (sustained speed: 81 km/h)
Published it 17/12/2022 Up to date 17/12/2022

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