in Lyon, what is the average price of home insurance?

In a context of inflation, international conflicts or even increases in claims linked to climate change, home insurance prices globally could rise by up to 8% by 2023, according to strategy consultancy firm Facts & Figures.

The price of home insurance varies according to many criteria: the nature and characteristics of the home, the profile of the insured, the value of the furniture and the desired level of cover.

But in a similar situation, there are significant price differences depending on where the insured property is located. This is the conclusion of the survey * conducted in nine cities by Leocare, an online insurance company.

Nice, Marseille, Paris: the highest prices to insure an apartment

With a contribution of €21.32 per month on average, Nice is on the first step of the podium in the cities where home insurance is the most expensive for an apartment.

It is followed by Marseille (€21.23 per month), Paris (€20.36), Toulouse (€18), Bordeaux (€17.31), Lyon (€17.20), Lille (€16.61 ), Strasbourg (€15.90) ​​and Rennes (€13.45).

The highest rates for insurance of a home

Paris is this time in first place among the cities where home insurance is the most expensive for a house (€48.39 per month on average). Marseille (€46.86) and Nice (€45.39) complete the podium.

In the rest of the ranking we find Toulouse (€45.26), Bordeaux (€41.95), Lille (€41.05), Strasbourg (€40.40) and Lyon (€40.26). Rennes is still the city with the lowest average prices (€29.50).

Why will home insurance increase in 2023?

“On the background of international conflicts, inflation and increased risks of all kinds, all insurance contracts will increase in 2023”, according to the online insurance company Leocare. The war in Ukraine has resulted in higher prices for materials and spare parts, which has an impact on repair bills.

In addition, fires due to climate change have increased by 25% compared to 2021 and heat waves by 300%. Insurers also have to deal with new risks, such as tornadoes.

The frequency of burglaries also has a big impact on insurance rates. Another factor that has a big impact on home insurance premiums: taxes.

“Although the contributions are exempt from VAT, the latter includes a tax that the insurance companies pay to the state, notes Leocare. This is especially true for warranties inherent in fire, legal protection or even civil liability. »

* Winners of 540 insurance offers made between 10 November and 6 December 2022 with a surface area of ​​60 m2 for apartments and 100 m2 for houses and a declared real estate capital between €6,000 and €75,000. The chosen formulas are “eco“and “premium.

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