In Landerneau, ready to take on the challenge of Rives de nuit – Landerneau

When it came to presenting the musical poster for Les Rives de nuit 2023, they all showed their joy to be there, to find an audience that had escaped, due to health restrictions, for almost three years. 39 groups or solo artists are invited to perform between 26 and 28 January at Rives de nuit, the winter music festival in Landerne. Some of them had made the trip to Landerneau town hall to show their enthusiasm. Following the example of the representative of Merzhin, the flagship group of the local scene, which will occupy the narrow space of Davarn Breizh after No pain No pain: “We directly accepted the invitation, we are happy to find this intimate and frontal aspect that one can lose say a little in the usual concerts”.

A challenge to take up

The same desire to respond to the call from the organizers of the Cultural Workshop drives the members of the indie pop group Dérives, who this time perform in the bucolic and unusual setting of the Clos du Pontic. “We played for Rives de nuit in 2019, it’s a great memory and we hope it will be just as hot this time again. We have to accept that it’s not the easiest time of the year and that it’s one of ​​the challenges that need to be met”. Programming a winter festival like this outside the school holidays is a challenge that Mathieu Dorval, the head of the Culture Workshop, is facing for the first time since his appointment last year.

music to explore

Nor does he hide his enthusiasm when it comes to unveiling an essentially local programme, in keeping with the spirit of Les Rives. “It is a festival linked to the emergence and discovery of the groups that compose and create”, recalls an organizer who wanted to pay tribute to the commitment in time but also financially “of all the establishments that contribute to the implementation of the event”. Also reminding in passing that all the planned concerts are free and that the idea is to push the doors of the bistros and restaurants in question. “There is something, for the public, in the order of exploration”, noted the singer from the group Dérives precisely about a festival that was sure of its recovery plan after a two-year hiatus.

To note

Rives de nuit festival in Landerneau and in the land of Landerneau-Daoulas, from Thursday 26 to Saturday 28 January. FREE ENTRY.

in complement

Rives de nuit?: the complete programme

Thursday 26 January (Landerneau)

Café de l’Ancre in Loperhet: Workshop (music school, 7.30pm); En rade (pop rock, 20:30), Skopitone Sisko (pop rock, 21:30). Café de la Gare in La Forest-Landerneau: Singha (pop rock, 7.30pm). L’Express Café in Pencran: Jack is back (rock, 9pm). L’Auberge du Camfrout at L’Hôpital-Camfrout: Icemen5 (rock, 9pm).

Friday, January 27 (Landerneau)

Rue de la Fontaine-Blanche: Spernot (rock garage, 6:30 p.m.). La Cervoiserie: Pok ma revr (soulgrass, 6.30pm). Le Clos du Pontic: Dérives (indie pop, 7pm). Le Bistro du Pont: Zazou (pop, 7.30pm). The Double V: Lisa (soul pop, 8pm). The Keltia: NWK (hip-hop, 8pm); Kawn Factory (rap, 9:30 p.m.). Le Stiff: Trio du Leck (French variety, 8pm); Wreck (rock, 8:30 p.m.); Helgä (rock, 10:30 p.m.). Le Réveil Matin: Vertical (pop rock, 9 p.m.); Captain Excelsior & the Cosmic Crabs (surf rock, 11pm). Davarn’Breizh: Arion Rufus (rock, 9.30pm); La Lucha libre (rock, 11 p.m.). Le Central: to be confirmed (21:30). Demi-Lune Café: MZH Project (music quiz, 9.30pm). La Cascade: Howlin’ Grassman Vs. Stompin’ Bigfoot (blues rock, 10 p.m.).

Saturday 28 January (Landerneau)

Media library: Nans Vincent (pop poetry, 5pm). La Cervoiserie: Lulu’s crush (pop, 6pm). L’Etoile: Shanti vibes & Méli San (hip-hop reggae, 7pm). The Keltia: Emezi (jazz pop, 8pm); Le Bour-Bodros (Breton music, 10.30pm). Le Stiff: Absinthe (pop rock, 8 p.m.); Pandapendu (pop, 10.30pm). Le Goéland: MC Poundz (rap, 9pm). Le Réveil Matin: The Awkwards (punk rock, 9pm); Matador 80 (punk rock, 10 p.m.); Gunners (punk rock, 11.30pm). Davarn’Breizh: No Pain No Pain (electro rock, 9.30pm); Merzhin (rock, 11 p.m.). Le Central: Evil Dad (hard rock, 9.30pm). Demi-Lune Café: The Black Cat Band (pop rock, 9.30pm). La Cascade: 29 Pop band (acoustic groove, 10 p.m.).

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