In Issy-les-Moulineaux, a smart building will house CNP Assurance’s future headquarters


The new head office of CNP Assurance Issy-les-Moulineaux. (Photo credit: @Altarea Cogedim)

The future head office of CNP Assurance, based on the principles of smart building, will welcome the insurer’s 3,000 Parisian employees from 2023. This coherent building of 25,000 m2 is designed to meet environmental challenges, digitization and flexibility. It integrates a data management system that allows you to be constantly aware of the condition of the building and all its infrastructures.

AdvertisingFrom 2023, the 3,000 Parisian employees of CNP Assurance will be gathered in their new headquarters, a connected building based on the smart building model. Located in the Issy Coeur eco-district of Ville Issy-les-Moulineaux and with a surface area of ​​25,000 m, this building was designed in 2019 in collaboration with the consultancy firm Kardham.

The firm specializing in the construction and development of professional real estate supported the insurance company in the development and construction of the building, designed to meet environmental challenges and user expectations in terms of digitalization and scalability of services. The smart building must thus be able to develop to adapt to changes such as hybrid work. To do this, it incorporates particularly flexible layouts. On the environmental side, the building is certified NF HQE tertiary building exceptional level and BREEAM excellent level. It is also labeled BiodiverCity and BEPOS Effinergie 2013, as well as Well Core and Shell. Regarding its security and its infrastructures, the new head office complies with ANSSI guidelines.

The intelligent building brings together many professional groups, which are often still divided into sections. It also represents the idea that technology is all the more interesting when it serves powerful problems; whether it concerns quality of life in the workplace, interactions and fluidity in the use and operation of premises and, of course, the sustainability and financial performance of the real estate sector, explains Thierry Troadec, real estate project manager at CNP Assurances.

A real-time global visibility of the condition of the building

To construct this connected, secure and co-responsible building, Kardham chose to install Spinalcom’s Building Operating System (BOS), a data management system capable of converging, within the same storage, systems and dynamic data in the building, such as Technical management of the building (BMS), knowing everything about comfort, energy consumption, the condition of the lifts, etc. As well as the building’s static data, ordered and updated using the digital BIM (Building Information Modeling) model. In addition, via this open and scalable platform, users have access to a range of information such as the status of meeting room reservations, digital concierge, occupancy management and energy consumption monitoring.

During the design phase of the building, Kardham worked together with the design office Ariess, especially on the feasibility study, the choice of network infrastructures and equipment (sensors, actuators, controllers, BMS system, etc.) as well as with the implementation of BIM and BIM. It was then necessary to choose which user services to develop around the network infrastructure. And finally, ensure that the budget was met and that all systems related to the Smart Building worked correctly. The final step was to support the CNP Assurances teams in discovering and mastering the tools and solutions.


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