In China, where Xi Jinping stays, Elon Musk’s Teslas are banned

Let wealthy Chinese Tesla car owners take it for granted: from 1er July 2022, and for two months, they will no longer be able to drive mechanical, or rather electric, cars on the Beidaihe seafront, 200 km east of Beijing. The Road Traffic Brigade of this popular seaside resort has provided no justification for this strange order. Questioned by the Reuters agency, she cut short an opaque: “National affair”.

It was enough to put a flea in the ear of those curious about the affairs of the Chinese Communist Party. Already at the beginning of June 2022, Tesla drivers in Chengdu, and they alone, were surprised – because the measure had not been announced anywhere – to be turned away at the entrance to certain avenues. At the same time, President Xi Jinping was visiting the capital of Sichuan. Similarly, Xi is expected in Beidaihe. Every summer, the cream of the Communist Party holds a meeting in the resort town of Mao. It outlines the plan for changes at the top of the CCP and the priority policies.

Moderate confidence

Elon Musk may have set up one of his mega factories near Shanghai to supply the Chinese market, but Tesla only inspires moderate confidence in the regime. Last year, the People’s Army declared the American brand non grata on its rights of way. Because not only do they film the environment, to assist the driver in his manoeuvres, but they are also connected. Tesla may have promised that the cameras are disabled in China, and that Chinese data is stored there, Beijing fears that they will be “hacked” by a foreign power. After all, Washington harbors symmetrical suspicions: the Treasury Department is considering banning (Chinese) Hikvision cameras, whose 600,000 networks monitor babies’ rooms, shopping malls or streets in the United States.


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