How to use a home insurance comparator correctly?

Insurance: how to use the home comparator?

Comparing your home insurance online has become essential before signing a contract. It is a simple tool that allows owners and renters to obtain the best guarantees at an unbeatable price. We take stock of the best practices for comparing your home insurance effectively.

Home insurance contract: is it mandatory?

Before we talk about a home insurance comparison, let’s look at the contract itself. Is it compulsory to take out home insurance for your home? If you are owner residence in France, house insurance it is not mandatory.

However, it is highly recommended to take out home insurance for your home (apartment or house), because this contract protects you against a certain number of risks. For example, home insurance will cover expenses for damages caused by fire, water leakage, theft and vandalism.

If you are tenant, home insurance remains optional but is often required by your landlord. It may be requested by your landlord, who may include it in a clause in the lease you sign. You must then present proof of insurance on each anniversary date of your contract. Home insurance protects you against the same risks as if you owned your home.

Protecting your home is important.
Protecting your home is important.

Now that we’ve answered the question of whether homeowners insurance is mandatory, let’s look at how to find the best homeowners insurance for your needs.

How does a home insurance comparator work?

A home insurance comparator is a tool available online that allows you to compare contracts offered by different insurance companies.

Home insurance comparators use a algorithm to match the details of the contract with the profile of the future insured. To do this, you must answer a series of questions. In summary, the comparator will determine your insured profilebut also to determine the total value of the elements present in your home, residence and type of property (studio, house, apartment, etc.) depending on the area.

The purpose of the home insurance comparison is to list home insurance offers by price, from the cheapest to the most expensive. It also informs you in advance of the guarantees and options that are included or not in the contract.

This online tool provides one-click information about the compensation conditions:

  • the incidents covered: fire, climatic accident, theft, water damage, etc.
  • civil liability
  • refund in new condition or not
  • the size of the deductible

Many other options can be added to your contract. Each home insurance policy has a very specific profile. It is up to you to choose according to your needs, but also your budget!

The price of home insurance can vary by region or city.
The price of home insurance can vary by region or city.

How much does home insurance cost?

The insurance comparison naturally allows you to get the prices of the contracts according to the selected options with a single click. The price of the home insurance is then calculated according to the insurance company’s rates, the guarantees and the selected options.

To give you an idea, house insurance can therefore vary from one hundred euros per year and rise to more than €500. It all depends on where you live in France (and Corsica wins the prize for the region with the highest home insurance).

Can the price of home insurance increase?

If your insurance company notices that the number or cost of claims has increased, it may increase premiums for all of its policyholders. Things like water damage and theft can cause these numbers to increase. This is also the case for accidents related to meteorological disturbances. Floods, fires, landslides… The multiplication of these dramatic events leads to greater compensation and therefore an increase in the price of the contract.

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