How to lock your lost or stolen mobile with your Google account

With this simple trick, you can lock your mobile phone if it is lost or stolen, preventing others from using it.

When you lose or have your mobile phone stolen, the first thing you think about is doing everything you can to find it. However, it is equally important that you block access to your phone so that no one can access the data you store inside. If you use a Google account on your smartphone, it is very easy to remotely lock your lost or stolen mobile, and in this guide we explain how.

After trying to find your Android mobile, you can continue to block it for more peace of mind. Don’t worry, the blocking doesn’t mean you can’t find it anymore, just that the thief or whoever finds it won’t be able to access your home screen. Moreover, with this trick you can also display a message or your number on the lock screen so that the person who has it can contact you.

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How to lock your lost or stolen mobile

If you use your Google account on your mobile, your tablet and even with your wireless headphones, you should know that you can easily find them thanks to the Google Find My Device tool. You do not need to have the application installed on the terminal, nor at any time to be logged in via its web version. Once you’ve lost or stolen it, download the app or access the Find My Device website to locate and block it.

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If you have lost your smartphone, you can access Find My Device with another mobile, with your tablet or from your computer. When you open the application or the web, the first thing you have to do is log in with the Google account you opened on the mobile you lost. Then follow these steps to remotely lock your device:

  1. Tap the lost or stolen mobile in the top bar.
  2. In the window that appears below, tap on the name of the mobile.
  3. Tap “Lock Device” in the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter a message or phone number if you want it to appear on the lock screen.
  5. Tap the green “Lock Device” button to confirm your decision.

In this simple way, you get blocked access to your phone, a block that you can easily remove with the pin code, password or pattern you have established. If you haven’t set up an unlock method, from Find My Device you can add a passcode that will allow you to unlock the device when you find it.

With this Google tool, you can also see the phone’s approximate location. If the current location is not available, jump to the last point where it was. As we explained earlier, Find My Device also works for tablets, wireless headphones, or smartwatches as long as they’re linked to your Google Account.

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Another Find My Device feature you can use is “Play Sound,” which makes the phone you’re looking for ring loudly to help you find it. In short, this Google service is extremely useful when your smartphone is lost or stolen, do not hesitate to use it to block access.

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