How to get rid of mosquitoes buzzing in your bedroom at night? You never thought of this trick

Mosquitoes are parasites that can interfere with your sleep. Indeed, these little insects burst into your room and buzz in your ears until you wake up. These insects are unpleasant and even if they are part of the ecosystem, you will like to get rid of them. We have several solutions to finally be able to sleep peacefully.

Discover how to eliminate a mosquito with these simple and effective tips. You will be able to sleep calmly without being bothered by the buzzing of a mosquito.


A biting mosquito – Source: spm

That mosquito that bothers you when you go to bed could ruin your night’s sleep yet again. To avoid this, you can follow these few solutions that will save your next nights. The mosquito in your room has the gift to reappear when you are about to fall into the arms of Morpheus and you gradually hear it buzzing in your ear. Find out how to eliminate it with simple tricks.

  • Hunt the mosquito with a torch


A flashlight – Source: spm

To scare away a mosquito from your room and continue your night calmly, you can follow this technique with a flashlight. To do this, follow these steps:

First, close your bedroom window so you don’t attract other pests. Take a flashlight with you for a light source, but don’t turn it on directly. You can, for this purpose, use the lamp of your smartphone or your portable tablet to obtain a first light source. Turn off all other light sources. Your room must be in total darkness. Then take a walk around your room looking for the mosquito buzz. After a few minutes, the mosquito should settle near the wall next to the only light source. Take your lit flashlight and hold it flat against the wall then move the beam along the wall to create grazing lighting. This technique will make it possible to discover the mosquito and you will be able to catch it in order to eliminate it.

However, if you are already lying in bed when you hear the buzzing of a mosquito, you can use this second method. It will allow you to stay in bed while getting rid of the harmful insect.

  • The technological trap to scare away the mosquito

person lying smartphone

A person lying down with his smartphone – Source: spm

For this second solution, you will need your smartphone or tablet. This time, you won’t need to leave your bed and you can stay comfortably installed. To do this, you must first lie on your back. Then place your smartphone or tablet on your chest with the lit screen visible. To be sure to attract the mosquito, you can increase the brightness of your device to the maximum. Next, if you sleep with white or light-colored sheets, bend your knees and bring them up so the sheet is visible. This action attracts the mosquito and makes it more visible in the dark room. Now that the scene is set, take deep breaths and exhale toward your smartphone or tablet. Dioxide of carbon and your device screen light should naturally attract the mosquito. Be patient and this insect could land directly on your smartphone or tablet. You just have to grab it to eliminate it.

Now it’s up to you to see which trick works best for you to end that humming torture when you go to bed. Remember to close the windows of your room to avoid being faced with several mosquitoes.

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