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In healthcare costs, the share covered by Social Security is generally low. In fact, the subscription to a supplementary or cheap mutual health insurance becomes essential. This option makes it possible to obtain full reimbursement and to be able to control healthcare costs. However, many find it difficult to take out health insurance due to its high cost. It should be noted for this purpose that it is actually possible to subscribe to one cheap health insurance, and at the same time maintain an acceptable level of compensation. Some tips for finding and getting cheap health insurance in this article.

Cheap and effective mutual health insurance: how to find it?

If you want to take out or change mutual health insurance, follow the advice below to choose a cheap and effective mutual insurance company.

Define your health needs

The choice of a suitable mutual health insurance goes through the definition of its needs in advance. When you choose an opening of any type of care, you pay a lot for contributions. It is actually important to:

  • Wondering about care habits, the number of consultations, the need to send your child to orthodonticsdental care and optical care, the need to practice a alternative medicine
  • Check the costs of care not covered by health insurance (refractive surgery, alternative medicine, etc.) in order to avoid an increase in the contribution;
  • Anticipate Future Health Care Expenses: Coverage may not be necessary for you now, but will it be in the coming months?
  • Compare the different services and offers offered by the insurance companies, as well as the prices.

A cheap investment association like MAAF offers services such as waiting periodsthat third party paymentthem reimbursement limitsthem warranties includedthem franchise… at a low insurance price according to your needs and your budget.

Make a group purchase and stay tuned for offers

L’Group purchase is a mechanism consisting of a group of consumers, with a view to negotiating a preferential price.

Moreover, having one cheap health insurance, it is necessary to take advantage of the percentage reductions, the monthly contributions offered, the additional services … offered by the insurance companies. These different types of freebies or deals are often offered to retain customers.

Choose a company health mutual

When you practice in the private sector or in an association company, it is still mandatory to take out company mutual insurance. This is mutual health insurance which allows the employee in the private sector to benefit from at least some care as well as coverage by the employer up to at least 50% of the rate for mutual health.

If this health insurance is not sufficient to cover your health expenses, it is possible to supplement reinforcements, or take out a cheap mutual health insurance, in this case for a health benefits.

Check if you can access Complementary Health Solidarity

You have the option of using the device by Complementary Solidarity Health (CSS), which is set up for policyholders based on their income. This unit has replaced the support for the payment of a complementary health (ACS) as well as the universal complementary health coverage (CMU-C).

So the complementary health solidarity equals one cheap health insurancebecause depending on your income, the supplementary health insurance will be free or almost free (with a daily contribution of less than one euro).

Mutual health insurance: how to pay less?

If you do not intend to change your mutual health current while paying less, more alternatives are available for you to have cheap mutual health insurance. All this, while maintaining an acceptable level of compensation.

  • Tell your insurance company that you are a loyal customer

If you have trusted the same insurance company for years, you have the opportunity to remind them that you are a loyal customer. Actually ask him for a discount on yours insurance premium. However, it should be noted that this option does not work with all insurance companies.

  • Combine all your contracts and pay your premiums every year

The collection of all your insurance contracts (car insurance, home insurance, etc.) with the same insurance company is another tip to have one cheap health insurance. This option allows you to save around 5 or even 20% on your health insurance premium.

However, it is advisable to choose insurance contribution annually, as they are often cheaper: It is therefore a good tip to have cheap mutual health insurance. With the annual subscription payment, you get a reduction of almost 10% in monthly payments. This is justified by the lower administration fees.

  • Customize your mutual health contract according to your needs

By taking out a health insurance agreement, you get access to cover that suits your needs, as well as reimbursement for several health items. In general, the contracts are flexible, especially since the coverage is set according to your needs.

In the event of a change in your life situation and you want to have cheap health insurance, you must reduce or remove certain guarantees that you consider unnecessary in your contract.

For example, you are not required to include a refund in your insurance contract osteopathy or in nutrition, to knowthe importance of diet, when you only go for a consultation once or twice a year. In addition, it is possible to ask the insurance company to increase the coverage of certain care items in order to benefit from a better level of reimbursement.

  • Use sponsorship

It is also possible to get cheap health insurance through sponsorship. All you have to do is recommend your current healthcare company to your friends or relatives and you will get a discount on your health insurance premium.

Cheap health mutual: how about 100% health?

It has been reported that almost 3 out of 10 French people do not receive treatment due to financial difficulties. To remedy this, the French state has created a system called 100% health. The latter fully reimburses the expenses regarding dental care, optical and those in hearing. Faced with this, responsible health insurance companies saw themselves obliged to offer contracts with a 100% health basket. This device therefore allows you to benefit from better coverage for any more expensive position, while making them cheaper.

If you take, for example, the costs of optical care, social security only covers a small part. In this case, the insured has no other choice but to choose a good coverage, in order to complete the reimbursement of his glasses. But who says mutual with strong guarantees in optics directly elicits important contributions. When you use 100% Santé in this context, it is not necessary to take out comprehensive coverage.

Cheap health insurance: average price

The price of mutual health is decided on a personal basis, and therefore varies from one insured to another, as well as from one insurance company to another. This price depends on several factors:

  • Profile of the insured: the sex (women have more healthcare costs than men). employment (the self-employed spend less than employees) and theage, used by the insurance company to determine the price of an insured’s health insurance;
  • Selected guarantees: the higher the insurance premium, the better cover over ;
  • Geographical area: the price of mutual health insurance varies from residence to residence;
  • Administration fees: They can amount to up to 50% of the health insurance premium. To this end, it should be remembered that the administrative costs at the level of online health companies are lower than those of traditional insurance companies.

You can thus pay a different price than your neighbor, even if you have chosen the same insurance company or mutual health insurance.

Nevertheless, the average prices of cheap health insurance by age are as follows:

  • From 25 to 45 years: 830 euros annually;
  • From 66 to 75 years: 1,490 euros annually.

Over the age of 75, you pay an amount of 1,475 euros annually for cheap health insurance.

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