How to find the ten-year insurance for a closed company?

Also called a ten-year liability guarantee, ten-year insurance covers the repair of damage caused at the end of the construction work. Through this, the company responsible for the work therefore incurs its responsibility. However, due to liquidation or bankruptcy, it may close its doors unexpectedly. So how do you find the company’s ten-year insurance policy after its closure? Answer in this file!

Look for the ten-year warranty certificate issued by the company

Before the start of the work, the company responsible for the project management must issue a certificate regarding ten year warranty. This certificate is a valuable copy that you must carry with you.

that ten year insurance certificate usually mentions the details of the bankrupt company’s insurance company. Once the contract is concluded, the insurance company guarantees for a period of 10 years the coverage of all the damages caused. Said period shall then take effect from the signing of the acceptance of BTP’s works.

The work acceptance contract is also confirmed by contracting authority, with or without reservation. Therefore, after the liquidation of the company or its closure, you simply need to sign the certificate to find the ten-year insurance.

In addition, it is up to you to contact the insurance company in question to activate the repair of the damage suffered. You can also consult the invoice issued by the company before the work begins. This document must also mention your ten-year warranty.

Contact your insurance company

It may happen that you misplace or no longer find the warranty certificate that the closed company has issued to you. The solution in this case is to contact your own insurance company. Actually yours insurance company must normally have a copy of the document. All you have to do is contact her via email, phone or email to make the request.

However, before issuing a copy of the ten-year warranty certificate, the insurance company first checks the validity of the contract. In the case of 10 year period is exceeded, the liability of the closed company is no longer engaged.

Use the services of your insurance broker

To find the bankrupt company’s ten-year liability, you also have the option of requesting help from your insurance broker. Thanks to his close and permanent connection with insurance companies, this professional masters all the special conditions of the field. It is therefore suitable for guiding you and representing you in strict accordance with the rules of the art.

Also, if the latter was aware of the existence of the ten-year liability certificate, he should be able to help you find it easily. You can even mandate your insurance company. He can also consult the data or archives that the bankrupt company has made available to find your ten-year policy.

Seek help from the owner

There is another less tedious alternative to finding the closed business ten year insurance policy. You can ask for help from building owner of your construction site. Before the work begins, the latter is obliged to demand from the company a ten-year certificate. Therefore, he must have the contact details of the insurance company of your service provider who has closed the doors.

In addition, the ordering party also has the opportunity to emphasize its workers’ compensation insurance, and this to demand compensation without a prior court decision. Specifically, even if the company is bankrupt, the client can ask the company’s insurance company to intervene. The aim is to cover any damages that are caused.

However, it must be remembered that this insurance is not an obligation for the owner. It nevertheless plays a key role in the case of damages incurred after the closure of the business.

Contact the liquidator responsible for the collective processing

Get in touch with liquidator responsible for insolvency proceedings may sometimes be necessary. This solution must be used when you have neither the ten-year liability certificate nor the name of the closed company’s insurer.

The liquidator is the ideal person to provide you with the necessary information about the business that is closing down. You can therefore contact him by e-mail, telephone, e-mail, etc.

However, it should be noted that ten years’ cover cannot apply when the company responsible for the work closes before the work is completed. In other words, the ten-year guarantee only comes into effect when the work has been completed.

Go to the district court to which the insurance is linked

In the extreme case where you cannot find the ten-year liability certificate and the insurance company’s contact information, a last alternative must be tried. The latter consists of going to right to obtain the necessary documents and information. On the other hand, if it is a judicial proceedingsthe process is somewhat different.

In this specific case, it is actually with the agent responsible for the collective procedure that you should go. It should also be remembered that in the absence of minutes completion of the works, the ten-year guarantee cannot be used. You must therefore demand this document from the company at the end of the construction work.

Additionally, before you start taking the steps, be sure to read ahead contract and all the clauses attached thereto. To make the warranty claim, you must compile a file with all the documents required below disaster declaration. Photos of the damage must also be submitted. Once these documents are gathered, you have 5 days to contact the private company’s insurance company.

You must have understood that the fact that the company responsible for the work has gone bankrupt in no way affects your ten-year warranty. The insurance company is obliged to cover the costs of repairing the damage found. For this you can find his contact information at ten-year liability certificate issued by the manufacturer. You also have the option of going to the right to which it is linked. As a last resort, your client’s property damage insurance may also reimburse you.

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