How much do ministers and MPs earn and how much are they willing to deduct from their pay?

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo proposes asking ministers and MPs to cut their salaries by 8%. How is this idea received by elected officials?

The question we asked crusading ministers and MPs today is simple: how much do you earn and how much are you willing to give up?

We earn €6,000 per month“, answers Catherine Fonck, deputy of Les Engagés.”We make more or less €6,000 net, knowing that there is a portion to be paid later…”, begins Sophie Rohonyi, Deputy Challenge, before interrupting. “Can we do it again?”, she asks us. “We earn around €6,000 like all MPs“, confirms Michel De Maegd, MR deputy.”I don’t know what I win…“, reflects Georges Gilkinet, Federal Minister for Mobility (ECOLO). “Hold on“, he asks us before covering our microphone to interrupt the interview.

If the answers are sometimes complicated, that’s because there are gross, net, benefits, and often what they pay back to their party. But it is around 12,000 euros net for a minister. “My salary is much lower than that as I deprive myself of 50% of this income“, explains Georges Gilkinet.”The politician must be exemplary, probably even more so in times of crisis.’

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo proposes to cut ministers’ salaries by 8%. It is currently €20,874 gross per month. In principle, everyone seems more or less in agreement. And the substitutes could also decide to lower their salary. “I think it is significant“, confirms Catherine Fonck.”Especially since we have been indexed, and that indexing with us is unfair.

We can move forward with this idea, why not?“, answers Sophie Roholnyi. For the liberals, why not too, but the real solution is somewhere else. “We have to work with the number of ministers, deputies, etc. at each level of power”, clarifies Michel De Maegd. “If you take the salary of someone who works hard because it’s a crazy life, you will no longer have candidates who want to be in politics.’

Cutting ministers’ salaries by 8% would save €450,000. This remains symbolic in relation to the state budget, but if all the country’s ministers and deputies get involved, the amount could be significant.

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