How do you insure your first car?

In France, as the owner of a motor vehicle in circulation, you are obliged to insure it with at least the civil liability guarantee, also called third party insurance. It is used to compensate victims of damage caused by your vehicle. If your car is not insured, you risk a fine of €3,750. As a young driver, you can benefit from a favorable rate with certain insurance companies such as Ornikar.

The criteria for being considered a young driver

According to the Motorway Act, a young driver is someone who has obtained their driving license within the last three years. However, if you have obtained your driving license after an accompanied driving course, you are considered a young driver for two years and not three.

Here are the other criteria you must meet for your insurance company to consider you a young driver:

  • Never having been insured on a car in your name or listed as a secondary driver;
  • Not having taken out car insurance for three years;
  • You have repeated your license after a cancellation.

At Ornikar, you can benefit from young driver insurance until you are 28 years old.

Which insurance should you choose?

There are several ways to insure your vehicle. The more options you choose, the more you pay. At Ornikar Assurance, the first formula for young drivers starts at €29 per month.

There are basically two types of formulas:

  • Third party insurance: it compensates for personal injury and property damage that you cause to others. This warranty is mandatory. However, it does not cover your property damage and personal injury;
  • All-risk insurance: it covers damage to your vehicle if you are responsible, but also when the responsible person is not identified. You will therefore receive compensation when it is you who causes the damage, but also when it is a third party you do not know. This formula is generally recommended for vehicles less than ten years old.

You can add different options to your basic car insurance, such as glass breakage, 0 km assistance, theft, fire risk or even the risk of natural disasters. It is up to you to see which options you want to take according to your needs. You will find more information about the auto category on the website.

Namely that the more powerful your car is, the more the price of the car insurance contract increases, because the risk of an accident is higher, especially when the driver has little experience.

How to subscribe?

With the Internet, it is now very easy to find out about existing insurance policies, their price and to take out the chosen contract. It is advisable to start by making an estimate using the line simulation tool. Enter the number plate of your vehicle or its make, its date of entry into service, the date of purchase of the vehicle or your date of obtaining the driver’s license.

Once you have filled in this information, you will receive an estimate of the price of your car insurance. Then you just have to customize your offer with the guarantees you want and validate your offer. With Ornikar, you can contact an advisor by phone or email from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm to help you with your approach.

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