How are you compensated after the violent storms in Eure?

Regarding the roads, especially the D 675 in Epaignes and the RD139 in Préaux, which had to be cut off from traffic, we are witnessing a return to normal: the roads have been cleared and back to traffic on the national network and departments .

At the end of the morning, the prefect Eure and the sub-prefects Bernay and Andelys went to the field (Beuzeville, Pont-Audemer and Muids) to see the damage and come to the support of elected municipal officials. the department and volunteers mobilized to protect roads and buildings, emphasizes the press release from the prefecture.

The opportunity for the prefect, Simon Babre, to renew “his thanks to all forces (SDIS, gendarmerie, police) deployed on Sunday and the night between Sunday and Monday.”


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