Hotels, restaurants: ready to turn down the heat? – 20 hour diary

For this winter 2022-2023, a typical evening at the restaurant may not look like what you are used to. The temperature must not exceed 19°C in the room instead of 22°C on average. This restaurant manager believes that the measure is achievable if customers agree to adapt. The temperature must also drop to 17°C in rooms not occupied by the public. Another measure, in the kitchen, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of appliances as much as possible. But this restaurateur from Clermont wonders about the very energy-intensive cooking method for some of his dishes. For hotels, it is the same obligation. The temperature must drop to 17°C in the corridors. For example, a few weeks ago this hotel was equipped with an intelligent control system, which also allows the temperature of the rooms to be controlled. But the government is not talking about an obligation on the temperature of the rooms. Customers can therefore request that the heating be increased. Emphasis is placed on space heating because it accounts for more than half of the energy consumption in the hotel and restaurant sector. TF1 | Report E. Vinzent, C. Olive


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