Honorary loans granted to four farms

Since 2020 has Department abounded to the tune of €100,000 this device enables promising projects to see the light of day. that October 14, to Farm Le Haut Briotte on Nangi’s, Olivier Lavenkamayor (LR) of Provins and vice-president of the department responsible for regional planning, roads, contractual policies and agriculture, thus presented checks corresponding to agricultural honor loans to four farmers.

The recipients were Marie-Elisabeth Ravasse (organic and obtained at Nangi’s and manufacturer shops in provinces, 30,000Euro), Melanie Castelle (arborist at Tournan-en-Brie, 10,000Euro), Florentine Duret and Teresa Garvey (organic gardening at Villenauxe-la-Petite, €10,000) and Quentin Lenoir (forest operator at Louan-Villegruis-Fontaine, €10,000).

A system created in 2013

This system of agricultural honor loans was established in 2013 by the association Melun Val-de-Seine initiativeand South Seine-et-Marne (member of the Initiative France network) with the aim of supporting the sector and contributing to its development in the region. Over the past nine years, several dozen installation, transmission and diversification projects have been supported in this way.

By funding and supporting these agricultural project managers, the association contributes to maintain the rural fabric in a context characterized by the prevalence of company closures. Agriculture’s honor loan is one interest-free loan and no personal guarantee requested. His amount generally varies between 3,000 and 30,000 euros with a repayment period varying between two and five years with a possible grace period of three to six months. To get this loan, it must be covered by a bank loan and must also come in addition to a personal contribution. This contribution and the honorarium must represent approximately 20% of the financing plan.

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