Hell of phone handlers, ready to do anything to make you crack

STATEMENTS – Every day they disturb thousands of French people. What education are they following? What are their techniques? Two former members of the profession take us behind the scenes.

Hello, my name is Murielle, I would like to talk to you about your energy contract“. Calls like this, the French receive them continuously, every week. At work, on holidays and sometimes in the evening. No matter how much we hang up on them or even block their number, the case workers always find a way to contact us.

According to a decree published on Friday, October 14, commercial information per phone be prohibited on weekends and public holidays from 1eh March 2023.”A compromise“, according to the office of Olivia Grégoire, the minister responsible for SMEs and trade, i Parisian because “in France, call centers employ 56,000 people“.

These employees work in the shadows and do a job that no one really knows. They have several techniques to make you crack. Le Figaro met two of them, Jules and Pauline. They explained to us their training, their daily lives, the scripts and the bickering.

Jules, 26 years old:It is clear that you have been taught to use fear to achieve your goals»

Jules worked in the restaurant industry. During the Covid-19 epidemic, when he was confined to his home, one of his friends shared with him “a good plan to earn easy money“: works in a brokerage firm. “It was necessary…

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