healthcare professionals from Penthièvre, Health Insurance and ARS have signed an agreement

The process was initiated in January 2020. And we explained this project in the columns of Ouest-France, on January 27, 2022 and on March 25, 2022. Since the end of September 2022, the labeling of the new Territorial Professional Health Community ( CPTS ) in Penthièvre has become official thanks to the signing of an agreement between Health Insurance and the Regional Health Agency (ARS).

What is a CPTS?

It is a network that will give all health professionals the opportunity to coordinate and unite meets the health needs of the population.

The CPTS du Penthièvre brings together around a hundred professionals (regardless of their practice: liberal, hospital, social or salaried) in the 38 communes of the urban community of Lamballe Terre et Mer, as well as the five communes of Fréhel, Matignon, Pléboulle, Plévenon and Saint-Cast-le-Guildo .

What are the territory’s health challenges?

The aging of the population is one of the territory’s challenges. Other issues are also important, such as not having enough caregivers. A majority of the health professions have a density below the national average. This medical density is particularly critical since half of the area’s 50 doctors are over 60 years old.

What are the benefits for professionals?

Through this network, healthcare professionals can offer better support to their patients and thus direct them to the carers they need.

CPTS will also allow the various doctors in the area to gain more medical time by relying on other health professionals.

And for the patients?

One of CPTS’ main tasks concerns access to patient treatment.

Courses will be organized thanks to the coordination of various professionals. At the moment, two important topics are envisaged as frailty of the elderly As well as another journey around patients with neurodevelopmental disorders.

What does this recent labeling bring?

Thanks to this official agreement with the health insurance and the regional health board, CPTS is now certified. It will be able to benefit from long-term financing for five years consisting of a fixed part of €170,000 for operations as well as a variable part. In particular, this makes it possible to compensate professionals for the time they will spend in establishing this organization.​, explains Fabien Soreau, president of CPTS and liberal nurse in Saint-Alban.

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