Health: mutual insurance for temporary workers, everything you need to know to subscribe

Whether you are self-employed or on a short-term contract, there are many questions about health reimbursement. And in the case of a temporary worker, for example someone on a fixed-term contract, several elements must be known to be well protected in case of illness or pathology that requires coverage by an insurance company.

What is a temporary worker?

First the base. What is a temporary worker? According to INSEE, temporary work or temporary or temporary work consists of “temporarily making employees available to client companies, who, on the basis of an agreed remuneration, are employed and paid for this purpose by the temporary company. It is therefore characterized by a triangular relationship between the temporary company, the client company and the employee , and involves the conclusion of two contracts: a maintenance contract (between the temporary agency and the client) and an assignment contract (between the temporary agency and the employee). Do you recognize yourself in this definition? This article on mutual intermediaries for temporary agencies is for you. Among the best-known temporary agencies are Manpower and Adecco.

What health insurance for temporary workers?

Since 1 January 2016 and the ANI Act (National Interprofessional Agreement), companies in the private sector must offer all their employees collective health insurance, for which they must pay at least 50% of the contribution. Good news: Temporary workers are concerned about this legal development, which provides better access to care.

What are the conditions to avail Interim Health Mutual Insurance?

If you have signed a temporary CDI or a temporary contract of 3 months or more and you have accumulated 414 hours of assignments spread over the last 12 months (regardless of the number of assignments), you are automatically affiliated with Interimaires Santé. How do you know if you have reached 414 hours? Log on to the temporary agency website to see the total number of hours you have worked in the last year.

What care is covered by temporary health insurance?

Temporary health insurance works like all group health insurances and covers all expenses related to routine care, within the limits of the rates set by the health insurance, with the option to benefit from wider guarantees with the Guarantee + option.

For better reimbursement, a higher contribution of around 11.8 euros per month is required. Your loved ones can also benefit from this mutual insurance thanks to the “Family” option. Depending on your situation, you may consider taking out additional health insurance.

Can we deny mutual insurance for temporary workers?

There are several cases of exemption to escape the drawing of the mandatory collective mutual. You must mention this when you sign your contract and present the relevant documents. For example, you can request exemption from membership of the company’s health scheme if you are already covered by mandatory collective mutual insurance or individual mutual insurance that has not expired. Being on a fixed-term contract or on a mission contract of no more than 3 months is also a case of exemption. Likewise if you are part-time or an apprentice and your contribution corresponds to at least 10% of your gross salary.

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Who pays the temporary health insurance?

When you have your salary in front of you, in addition to your employer’s 50% cover, you will be able to see the contribution of your basic guarantee. 50% or more! The company assigning you may decide to cover more than 50% of your temporary mutual insurance and even go up to 100%! A big plus, right? In 2021, the contribution for the general scheme and the mandatory scheme (automatic connection) was € 0.0599 / paid hour.

Mutual: what to do at the end of the temporary employment contract?

Is your contract about to expire? Note that you benefit from the transferability of your rights and that the temporary mutual insurance company will cover you free of charge with the maintenance of your basic guarantee for 2 months. After that, Pôle Emploi will take over for 5 months. An extension is possible, calculated according to the duration of your employment contracts with your last employers. You can then choose the mutual of your choice that is less than 5 euros per month depending on the profiles!

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