Health insurance for all residents

On Tuesday, January 3, a session was held at City Hall to prepare for a public information meeting on Thursday, January 26 at 5:30 p.m. in Fond-de-Mazade. This will detail a health insurance quote offered to residents.

This proposal for citizens comes from the company Axa, which has recently set up health insurance. This commercial offer does not cost the municipality anything and it adapts to all situations. announced Jérôme Laurent, the mayor.

Local advisers are responsible for informing interested parties. In Saint-Marcel-d’Ardèche, Jean-Marc Manzano is the referent.

Residents, civil servants, pensioners or the self-employed receive a 25% discount on all the company’s offers.

Saint-Marcellois, which does not meet the criteria, gets 15%. No health check is required at the time of subscribing to one of their contracts.

At a time when there is still a shortage of doctors, each member is offered 12 teleconsultations via the web or by telephone. These remote consultations naturally issue prescriptions that are faxed to the nearest pharmacy. To take advantage of better prices, Axa has entered into a partnership with a network of professionals: Itelis.

Axa’s offer concerns municipalities with less than 10 000 inhabitants.

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