Health insurance focuses on digital in Allier

Upon her arrival, she found a healthy situation: the first unemployment benefit is paid within approximately 24 days and there is no delay in the payment of supplementary health solidarity (ex-CMU).

If digital is an axis of development, it is important in a department like Allier to maintain a distinctive reception offer. It has even been reinforced with the opening of a new France service center, increasing CPAM’s presence to 25 reception points”.

Health room and vital e-card

This year, the health insurance is offering new digital services. In Allier, 75% of adults have an account. In 2023, they will now be able to send a document.

As of February 2022, 98% of Bourbonnais has a health center, but few use it. It is a digital support with the track of his health progress. You can find there a report on hospitalization, consultations, the results of analyses, but also his allergies to medicine. A useful remedy for the chronically ill, the heads in the air, but also the various health professionals. “This will provide a better connection between the hospital and the city’s medicine. We will support both policyholders and health professionals in using this health space. The insured remains in control of his secure data and chooses who can access it.

Medical deserts: in Allier, no territory is spared by the lack of practitioners

Another novelty in 2023, the digital prescription and e-carte vitale. Paper prescriptions will continue to exist, but each will receive a QR code, which makes it unique and which will therefore appear in the Health Room.

E-carte vitale is currently being tested in various departments. It will be an important card on a very secure application, like for bank cards,” details Virginie Cassaro.

In 2023, health insurance will continue to support multi-professional health centers and territorial professional health communities (CPTS). “Currently, these CPT S cover 85% of the territory. They make it possible to take responsibility for the patient in a global way, and to carry out prevention,” says Virginie Cassaro. A topic that she wants to emphasize, since Allier has the lowest female cancer screening rate in the region.

The general practitioners in Allier are trying to consolidate permanent care

Health insurance continues to support those who forego complex and costly care. “In 2022, 300 people were supported. We are very active for financial assistance. In 2022, 740,000 euros were distributed for dental care, prostheses or to equip homes.

Marie Collinet


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