Health Insurance: Beware of misleading sites to compare premiums


Health insuranceBeware of misleading sites to compare premiums

Online comparators are pretending to be the confederation system in an attempt to earn commissions on the road, RTS revealed on Tuesday.

20min/Michael Scherrer

RTS has found that “several websites” in Switzerland are pretending to be Priminfo, the official premium comparator for the Confederation. If we already knew that some platforms offered their own comparisons and then sent policyholders to insurance to receive commissions, according to the program “A good listener”, some comparators are not reliable and are based on incomplete information.

As a reminder, the increase in health premiums will be 6.6% on average next year. To switch funds, the insured must terminate their contract by 30 November at the latest.

Priminfo is neutral, RTS assures, which is why it is gaining in popularity. However, during searches on Google, it currently appears only in fourth position, other sites using this name to be more visible and considered reliable. One of the platforms even chose the term “admin”, an extension used by the Federation, to attract customers.

The Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP) says it is aware of this type of practice and “regrets this course of action”, which often aims to collect data for commercial purposes. The FOPH explains that it has already intervened in similar cases in the past, but is not currently considering any follow-up on the said cases because its “action options are limited”.

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