he discovers the hilarious reason why the alarm on his phone didn’t wake him up! (Video)

For a week now, Alexandre had been systematically arriving late for work because his alarm clock hadn’t rung. Yet he always made sure to schedule it the night before. He was far from suspecting that his dog had something to do with it.

Alexander Lima lives in Brazil with his wife and their young dog dory. Everything was going well for the young man, until he started sleeping in totally involuntarily, when he had to work.

For nearly a week, he couldn’t get up early enough to get to work on time. In the evening, he programmed the alarm clock on his smartphone, but he did not hear it ringing in the morning. Alexander Lima did not understand. At first he thought he was deactivating the alarm himself in his sleep, without realizing it, but that was not the case. The person in charge was not him, but another member of the small family.

He ended up discovering the origin of the problem and the identity of the “culprit”. It was none other than his female dog dory.

Dory Amora/Instagram

One morning, he woke up early enough to catch the adorable black-and-white pup in the act. The alarm clock did ring, but the dog quickly threw herself on the phone to stop the alarm by nudging and licking it.

I woke up and saw Dory licking the phone. I couldn’t believe it “, recount Alexander Lima to The Dodo. He and his wife were able to film the dog as she turned off the alarm clock, and the video was posted on instagram.

“How could I blame him”

He even showed it to his employer to explain his delays, and the latter took it rather well and had fun.

Alexander Lima think that dory associates the alarm clock with the departure of its owners. ” Without the alarm, we’d stay with her longer “.

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Since then, he has put his phone on a shelf, out of reach of his dog, which he does not care at all: ” How could I blame him? Look at his face. She’s so proud of herself “.

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